Coco (Qoqo) has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Suffering from a series of health issues for many years prompted her to look closely at ingredients in the products she was using, obviously preferring to avoid those with harsh chemicals. The experience sparked her interest to work within the industry and she began working with beauty brands in the brand management, product development and marketing divisions. 


Her various positions shaped a comprehensive understanding of the industry and an insight into what consumers desire in skincare products. In order to discover more about product formulation and ingredients, Coco went to work for a beauty manufacturing company where she learned about ingredients, their specific functions and the supply process. 


During this time Coco forged a close relationship with the team of formulators and gained invaluable, scientific knowledge of the skin. Once ready to turn her vision into a real life brand, she knew she already had a team she could trust to produce high quality products.