This unique collection combines three potent skincare essentials that work in succession to radically transform the skin. By activating the skin’s natural detoxification and pigmentation mechanisms, this powerful trio efficiently reduces dark spots, brightens the complexion, whitens a dull appearance and evens out skin tone. The maximum concentration of antioxidants also reinforces the skin’s natural defences and prevents the appearance of new spots. 

QOQO B’s Botanical Advanced Whitening set contains 3 essential products to radically transform the skin.
It takes a 3 pronged attack strategy to address pigmentation:

1)Phyto-dermabrasion duo helps to resurface the skin and encourage cellular turnover. This softens the skin for the bioactive peptides and active whitening ingredients to penetrate into the depth of skin and target pigmentation.

2)These novel peptides have proven efficacy in turning off the pigment hormone alpha MSH. They are teamed with safe tyrosinase inhibitors (Licorice Root, Bearberry, Niacinamide and Hesperidin) to block and reduce the amount of pigments produced. The peptides are important to manage melanin at a deep layer and make the effect much quicker and more efficient. Niacinamide helps to block melanin transfer from the melanocyte[the cell where it is made] to the keratinocyte [the skin cell that receives the little packages of melanin], to try to stop the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

3) Whitening extracts to lighten the outer layer of the skin and even out skin tone. By acting directly on the skin’s natural detoxification and pigmentation mechanisms, it efficiently erases dark spots, brightens, whitens and evens out skin tone. A maximal concentration of antioxidants reinforces the skin’s natural defences and prevents the apparition of new spots.



Supercharged with Vitamin C, the phyto-dermabrasion duo work synergistically to resurface and refine the skin with micro fine Vitamin C crystals and White Willow Bark extract. Bioactive complex from Australian power fruits Kakadu Plum, Illawara Plum and Burdekin Plum, provide super antioxidant benefits by improving cell function, increasing collagen production and creating healthier, younger skin cells. By boosting the natural exfoliation process and encouraging cellular regeneration, the skin looks instantly brighter, more luminous and feels incredibly soft and smooth.



Whitening Concentrate is a luxurious, antioxidant moisturiser formulated with highly active whitening ingredients to safely lighten the skin at keeping the skin hydrated and soft. Infused with special peptides to ensure a targeted delivery of the actives to the basal layer of the epidermis, to block and correct pigmentation disorders and to prevent them from re-appearing. Size and intensity of the dark spots will start to reduce. Skin texture will improve and regain a youthful luminosity. Super antioxidants helps to prevent the formation of free radicals, while quenching pre-formed ones as well. This dual action protects the skin cells from damage by UV radiation and the resultant inflammation and injury. QOQO B chooses ingredients are safe for topical use with no irritant or sensitization side effects.


No 1


Using the spatula provided, apply a teaspoon amount of No 1 to clean, dry face for at least two minutes. Do not rinse. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation as the skin experiences a gentle peeling action. Gently massage in a circular motion over entire face, avoiding the eye area. Keep this product dry and the lid tight.


No 2


Shake No 2 before use. Apply 1-2 teaspoons of No 2 over thettt top of No 1 on the face, this produces a soft foam, indicating activation. Leave it on for one to two minutes. Gently massage the face and rinse thoroughly. Use Step 1 and 2 at least twice a week.


No 3


After cleansing, apply No 3 Whitening Concentrate morning and evening to the entire face, eye contour and neck. The silky texture leaves the skin soft, supple and smooth to the touch. For optimal hydration result, follow with moisturiser of your choice. It is recommended to use a sunscreen product during the day.


Leave No 1 and No 2 for half the time above; or Mix No 1 and No 2 in the palm of your hand before applying the foam mixture to the face. Leave on for one to two minutes and rinse thoroughly.



Do a patch test behind the ear 48 hours before use. If adverse reaction appears, do not use the product.